Gift A Diamond

Defining the world 'Royal'

Is there a person in your life that has had a Royal impact on the world and on the people around them? Does this person sometimes go under appreciated and unrecognized?  Do they keep showing up in your life when you need them the most?

We would love to have the opportunity to send them a small gift and an encouraging letter.

This could be the teacher that never gave up on you in middle school, the coach that wouldn't allow you quit on yourself, the mother working 3 jobs to make ends meet, the janitor who always makes you smile on the hard days, or the friend that always put others before themselves. To us, those are the ones that define the word Royalty, for they are having a Royal impact on the world around them.

What we need from you:

The gift will be anonymous - we think it is more powerful if they do not know who is recognizing their impact; but we need to following information: 

  • Who is the person: (full name)
  • What is their address: (include email or phone if possible)
  • What makes them Royal? Why are you recognizing them? (minimum 4 sentences but not including your name)
  • Their height/weight: (rough estimate)
  • Recommendation about what item and size they may like from our store: (we may or may not use it)
  • Please email over the above information to: 

***We will include your description of why they were recognized in our package and thank them in our own Royalty way as well.

We appreciate you for taking the time to recognize this person. 


The RoyaltyFam